Senior Manager / CEO

Strong minds drive our ascent into the future, and it takes people like Hal Hinkle to get us there.  Born a tree-hugger who loves to build businesses, Hal is the driving force behind the commercialization of BamCore.  During his 22 years at Goldman Sachs he was key in building a number of successful businesses.   After leaving Goldman, he started, ran and sold BrokerTec Global in four years. Today, Broker Tec is still one of the largest fully electronic financial trading platforms in the world.  Today, as the leader of BamCore, he believes that BamCore can drive a paradigm shift in Western construction to make it stronger, faster, and greener through adoption of BamCore’s technology for converting quickly regenerating timber bamboo into western building products.  Across his years on Wall Street, and in finance and in technology, he has not seen a double bottom line opportunity as powerful as BamCore where the financial upside is interlocked with such a potent environmental upside.  He loves the fact when BamCore is successful, it is at the same time creating market demand for nature’s most effective carbon sequestration system – timber bamboo.

With several degrees ranging from BS in Biochemistry (UC Irvine) to an MBA (Columbia University Graduate School of Business), and to an MS, MPhil, and PhD (Columbia University Medical Center), Hal is well equipped to be at the helm as the Senior Manager/CEO, overseeing all parts of BamCore and ensuring progress for this game-changing company.