Sourcing Manager

All the innovation possible cannot succeed without a supply of raw materials, and Kevan Kurt is the driving force behind BamCore’s supply of sustainable timber bamboo.  He came to the company in 2012 to help secure bamboo from Central and South America.   In April 2015, the investors of BamCore elected him as one of the LLC’s Managers.  Since that time, his role has expanded to managing the importation of bamboo from 5 Latin American countries as well as continuing to locate new sources of raw materials.  He has also worked on production related cost saving measures with sheet metal fabricators, acquisition/installation of equipment and other special projects that required research and location of specialized equipment and services.  He also handles a range of administrative responsibilities for BamCore including insurance and employee relations.

After graduating from UC Santa Barbara, he spent five years in the insurance industry as an underwriter and analyst.  He has also worked extensively as a licensed private investigator.  These analytical and problem solving skills where there is no map available help Kevan navigate the uncharted world of timber bamboo raw material.