Foreign Liaison

Travis began his work with bamboo in Nicaragua, while serving in the Peace Corp.  He and Hal met at the American Bamboo Society meeting in 2015 in Xalapa, Mexico.  After leaving the Peace Corp, Travis joined BamCore to work with Kevan and Hal to help work with Latin American timber bamboo exporters and to research a wide range of critical topics for the company. Travis is fluent in Spanish and has a firm grasp on Latin American culture and business practices. This foundation, along with organizing experience allows him to form relationships with BamCore’s suppliers to ensure the Company receives the best quality raw material.

Travis served as a congressional page and earned a BA in Political Science from North Carolina State University. After graduating, he worked for 4 years at the North Carolina Sierra Club where he organized campaigns that helped increase residential and commercial energy efficiency in the International Building Code. This foundation in sustainable building techniques and care for the environment gives him an excellent background ideal for assisting BamCore in forging ahead into the future of more ecologically friendly building processes.  He is enthusiastic about being involved with a company that can fundamentally shift how buildings are constructed, and at the same time make new construction more environmentally sustainable.