Founder, Manager

Every innovation starts with a strong foundation, and William McDonald is the mind behind the initial development of BamCore’s innovative hollow wall system.  With over thirty years in the building and construction industry, William ran businesses both in construction and truss manufacturing.  Seeing the industry’s need to increase the speed, strength, and simplicity of building a home, William developed the concept of the BamCore Prime Wall System by incorporating bamboo as the core structural element in a patented stud-less wall system. Early in his career William was struck by the insensible design used in traditional stud-base framing and conceived of a hollow wall design where the load bearing was in the wall skin. In 2006 when he learned about the unique structural properties of bamboo, he brought the two concepts together and brilliantly designed BamCore’s hollow wall system using timber bamboo’s superior structural properties. What followed was ten years exploring, designing, and testing multiple approaches until he created what is now the patented, code compliant BamCore Prime Wall System.