Director, Business Development / CMO

Zack Zimmerman is passionate about environmental progress and sustainability. Growing up in the construction business, his background lends itself well to a company dedicated to sustainable building materials.  A marketing degree with honors from Sonoma State University prepared him for the business world and mentoring from a father with 48 years of construction experience prepared him for the unique challenges that working for a company like BamCore would present. His ability to understand views of all parties involved in a building process through knowledge and understanding of the BamCore system and standard construction methods has been crucial to the success of BamCore.  Now, as the Director of Business Development/CMO he is poised to help BamCore expand its brand, sales channels, and deliver its promise of sustainability to the markets.

BamCore represents an opportunity to affect change in western building methods in favor of a cleaner, more environmentally friendly future. Speaking of the future, he says, “BamCore presents an amazing opportunity for us, as a civilization, to do something good with the earth and the way we build for years to come.  I hope to see and contribute towards BamCore becoming the standard for sustainable building. There simply isn’t another solution that could potentially make as large of an impact for the well being of the earth and its inhabitants. It’s a sustainable leap forward.”