BamCore’s Wall System Sustainability starts at the factory

Both in our manufacturing processes and in our basic business operations, BamCore strives to be highly sustainable.  In our manufacturing processes, we do not use heat, water, steam or chemicals to prepare, mill and manufacture the bamboo into panels.  We are also very selective in choosing the adhesive used for panel and lumber lamination. To avoid any exposure to formaldehyde, BamCore uses a formaldehyde free glue that is one of the best available chemical adhesives, isocyanate. To make the strongest bond possible, we use a formulation of isocyanate, which includes a co-applied polymeric cross-linking agent. The real-time blending of the two separate streams of adhesives requires custom calibration techniques that BamCore has developed and tested with outside agencies.  Nearly all other bamboo-based construction products (e.g. flooring and glulam beams) are manufactured with higher embodied energy because the starting are small strips of planed and squared bamboo.  In contrast, BamCore’s patented processes start with and preserve bamboo that is the full length of the panel without cutting it into substantially smaller strips that just have to be glued back together. It would stand to reason that BamCore panels have less embodied energy than other bamboo or wood-based structural panels.

BamCore’s basic business operation is registered as a Sonoma “Green Business” within our local community in Sonoma County.  The Green Business participation is a California-wide program that provides guidelines and support for operating sustainable businesses in California.