BamCore’s bamboo-based hollow Prime Wall System delivers a water vapor transmission rate that matches a range commonly found in house wraps. Recent independent tests document that the bamboo-based panel component of BamCore’s Prime Wall System offers a Water Vapor Transmission or permanence rate that is eight times greater than conventional wood products like OSB and plywood. Modern low-rise construction techniques regularly rely on a variety of wraps to keep air and liquid water from penetrating building walls, while allowing water vapor to breathe out of the wall. The movement of water vapor across a wall surface allows the entire wall and cavity to dry out if it gets wet, thereby preventing mold. Unfortunately, the “perm” rate of commonly used 7/16” OSB is very low compared to building wraps and can defeat the vapor permanence role of the wrap. Replicated tests conducted by ISO/IEC accredited R&D Services in Cookeville Tennessee, show that BamCore’s Prime Wall Panels performed 8x better. This is the beginning of the perm range for building wraps like Grade D Building Paper, #15 Felt and Perforated Wraps. Other wraps start even higher.