BamCore Wall System Installation PDF

BamCore’s dual-panel Hollow Wall System eliminates the majority of wood framing members in standard one to four construction. By doing so, the Wall System eliminates thermal bridging that significantly undermines the thermal performance of all conventionally framed walls.
BamCore panels are delivered with all window, door, electrical, plumbing, and access panel openings precision pre-cut into the panels saving substantial job-site time and money and significantly reducing on job waste.

To achieve code compliance under the International Residential (Building) Code and the International (Commercial) Building Code, BamCore’s wall systems and other products were reviewed by an ISO 17065-accredited agency.  That agency prescribed a rigorous path of testing that BamCore completed at various ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratories.  In addition, to maintain active compliance under the building codes, BamCore must maintain a comprehensive in house QA/QC program that is periodically reviewed by an ISO 17020 Inspection Agency.  In the course of establishing code compliance, BamCore has undergone tests related to these various standardized tests:  ASCE 7, ASTM C518, ASTM E72, ASTM 84, ASTM E90, ASTM E96, ASTM E2126, AWC SDPWS, and NIJ-STD-0108.01. For a complete list of testing criteria and their results and a copy of our code compliance Technical Evaluation Report (TER) please contact a BamCore representative.

BamCore’s Wall System achieves a very high (i.e. good) Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 52. Traditional stud walls finished with sheetrock, and OSB skins have STC ratings in the 30’s. To achieve quiet environments with sound transmission ratings in the high 40s or low 50s normally requires the additional expensive of double framed walls, resilient channels and multiple layers of gypsum. BamCore’s STC of 52 was achieved without any finishing or gypsum. BamCore panels are constructed from strong rigid bamboo panels allowing the hanging of fixtures, cabinets, trim, heavy mirrors, furnishings, and audio-visual equipment to be completed quickly and confidently, without the hit or miss work of trying to find a hidden stud or needing to add blocking to a wall.

BamCore’s stud-less walls allow the rough installation work done in the wall cavity by the electrical, plumbing and other subcontractors to be done much more quickly and with less drilling.Some customers even use the BamCore’s wall system to eliminate the need for drywall in many applications, avoiding both the cost of labor and material and any potential off-gassing. BamCore panels are manufactured using a high-pressure press, resulting in flat and straight walls, which can speed the installation of built-in cabinetry and countertops that could otherwise take long hours of scribing to uneven walls.