Stronger: We start with Nature’s strongest structural and fastest growing structural fiber—timber bamboo–and deliver a customized, code compliant wall system that is redefining the low-rise built environment. Our patented Prime Wall system is stronger, greener, thermally superior, healthier, safer, quieter and more quickly installed than a conventional 2×6 framed wall.

Quieter: With a Sound Transmission Class rating of 52, our untreated wall reduces acoustic noise from outside to a level that conventionally framed walls can’t reach without expensive and difficult-to-install acoustic treatments.

Thermally superior: The panelized Prime Wall system eliminates about 90% of wood studs, headers and posts to reduce thermal bridging and air leakage, which saves operating dollars year after year. Wall thickness can be increased from an equivalent of 2×4 up to 2×12 equivalent for almost nothing more than the cost of the extra insulation. In fact, BamCore’s 2×6 equivalent Prime Wall exceeds the projected 2020 California Building Code thermal requirements without the use of any expensive continuous insulation on the exterior of the building.

Healthier: A high vapor transmissivity rate drys out moisture faster than a conventional wall substantially reducing the risk of mold in all climate zones.

Safer: A flame spread rating of 40, cuts the rate of flame spread along the wall at a rate of a third or less than that of conventional framing. The National Institute of Justice Level IA rating means that bullets from small handguns at short range will not penetrate the wall, and storm debris flying at 55 mph just bounce off the wall.

Faster: Every wall job is prefabricated and customized for less waste and faster building.The wall arrives with rough openings cut out to millimeter accuracy for windows, door, outlets, switches and access panels. We deliver numbered and palletized panels that install quickly with pneumatically shot nails. The cavity can be left open for faster rough installation of mechanical, electric and plumbing. After dry-in, the builder just blows in the insulation of choice into the enclosed cavity.  And because both sides of the wall are a solid material, there is no need to hunt for studs or install extra blocking for hanging cabinets, trim, or furnishings.

Quality and compliance: To achieve code compliance under the International Residential (Building) Code and the International (Commercial) Building Code, BamCore’s wall systems and other products were reviewed by an ISO 17065-accredited agency. That agency prescribed a rigorous path of testing that BamCore completed at various ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratories. Also, to maintain active compliance with the building codes, BamCore must maintain a comprehensive in-house QA/QC program that is periodically reviewed by an ISO 17020 Inspection Agency. In the course of establishing code compliance, BamCore has undergone tests related to these various standardized tests:  ASCE 7, ASTM C518, ASTM E72, ASTM 84, ASTM E90, ASTM E96, ASTM E2126, AWC SDPWS, and NIJ-STD-0108.01. For a complete list of testing criteria and their results and a copy of our code compliance Technical Evaluation Report (TER), please contact a BamCore representative.

BamCore’s Prime Wall system is not only the Best Way to Build, but it is also the Better Way to Live!