Our Team

The BamCore team is made up of a group of experts and innovators dedicated to making the world a better place by building with Bamboo, using a proprietary system, proven to deliver amazing results for their customers.

Zack Zimmerman

Director, Business Development / CMO

Zack Zimmerman is passionate about environmental progress and sustainability. Growing up in the construction business, his background lends itself well to a company dedicated to sustainable building materials. Read More

Hal Hinkle

Senior Manager / CEO

Strong minds drive our ascent into the future, and it takes people like Hal Hinkle to get us there. Born a tree-hugger who loves to build businesses, Hal is the driving force behind the commercialization of BamCore. Read More

Kevan Kurt

Sourcing Manager

All the innovation possible cannot succeed without a supply of raw materials, and Kevan Kurt is the driving force behind BamCore's supply of sustainable timber bamboo. He came to the company in 2012 to help secure bamboo from Central and South America. Read More

Brenden Morton


As a private real estate developer, Brenden has started and brought to success a number of different businesses. It was Brenden’s experience as the developer behind BamCore’s first prototype building that convinced him to invest in BamCore. Read More

Travis Hargett

Foreign Liaison

Travis began his work with bamboo in Nicaragua, while serving in the Peace Corp. He and Hal met at the American Bamboo Society meeting in 2015 in Xalapa, Mexico. After leaving the Peace Corp, Travis joined BamCore to work with Kevan and Hal to help work with Latin American timber bamboo exporters and to research a wide range of critical topics for the company. Read More