Meet BamCore

Code compliant structural and non-structural panels are manufactured from timber bamboo in the U.S. You’ll build stronger, faster and greener with BamCore.

Patented panelized walls eliminate woods studs to reduce thermal bridging and save operating dollars’ year after year. You’ll have the option to increase your wall thickness from 2x4 up to 2x12 for only the cost of the extra insulation with BamCore.

Save time and money. Cost is comparable to 2x6 stud framing with installation speeds materially faster than traditional building.  You’ll get the job done faster, easier and cleaner with BamCore.

Every wall is straight, smooth and solid. You’ll no longer add blocking or search for studs to hang molding, trim, art, entertainment centers or cabinetry with BamCore.

Panels are fabricated to fit your job’s exact dimensions. You’ll be taking all the guesswork out of framing with BamCore.

Quiet homes and workplaces add productivity and peace of mind. You’ll get an excellent Sound Transmission Class rating of 52 in every stud-less exterior wall with BamCore.

Five Unique Innovations

1.  The panelization of super strong and sustainable timber bamboo into code-compliant structural building components has never been done before…until BamCore. With American ingenuity, everything is manufactured with low embodied energy in Windsor, California, using patented technology.

2.  Construction and building operations are the biggest carbon polluters in the economy.  BamCore uniquely fights global climate change with our carbon footprint that lowers energy use and sequesters carbon. No questionable geoengineering required to help our planet.

3.  Library quiet acoustical performance is inherent in our patented wall design for no additional costs.

4.  Applying a range of proprietary technologies and software, BamCore extracts details from the architectural plans and uses them to design customized wall fabrication, queue production and orchestrate delivery and installation. Computer directed machinery fabricates your building to millimeter accuracy. Every door, window, outlet, rough installation access is prefabricated at our plant to speed the construction process and to eliminate job site waste that comes with traditional framing.

5.  Individual load bearing and non-load bearing panels constructed from bamboo with sand-able Douglas fir veneer faces made with a formaldehyde-free adhesive that is inert once cured! BamCore fits your individual needs and delivers on them.

Fast Construction

You can build faster and easier with BamCore than most other low-rise construction technologies available today. By limiting production to 4’ wide panels, the installation uses existing crews and doesn’t need specialized heavy equipment. BamCore allows you to streamline all aspects of framing your building, which saves you time and money.

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BamCore As A Fire Safe Product

Fire safety in the residential buildings codes focuses on two product characteristics:
1. How fast do flames spread along a product (Flame Spread)
2. How long does a building remain safely standing during a prolonged fire (Fire Resistance)

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Improved Thermal Performance

The BamCore Wall System lowers the operating cost of a building by substantially reducing thermal bridging from wood plates, studs, and headers. With BamCore your structure is warmer with “R” values starting at 25 with a dense pack blown-in cellulose.

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Less Sound Intrusion

Imagine building a structure that is as quiet as a library. Make it a reality with ’BamCore’s excellent Sound Transmission Class rating of 52.

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Super Structural Strength

Timber bamboo is known in other countries as “vegetal steel.” Bamboo has been compared to cured concrete in compression and has tensile strength comparable to steel.

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Unique Sustainability

BamCore has a uniquely promising carbon footprint that combines superior thermal operating performance year after year but also drives permanent carbon sequestration with timber bamboo and reduces carbon foot print of an average house by 125 metric tons over life while driving carbon sequestration in new bamboo plantations

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