Meet BamCore

We start with Nature’s strongest structural and fastest growing structural fiber—timber bamboo—and deliver a customized, code compliant wall system that is redefining the low-rise built environment. Our patented Prime Wall system is stronger, greener, thermally superior, healthier, safer, quieter and faster to install than a conventional framed wall.


The BamCore Prime Wall is stronger in compressive strength compared to 2x6 and 2x8 conventionally framed walls. Its core is timber bamboo, also known as “vegetal steel,” with a tensile strength comparable to steel and compression equivalent to cured concrete.

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BamCore has a uniquely promising carbon footprint. It combines superior thermal operating performance year after year but also drives permanent carbon sequestration with timber bamboo. Reducing the carbon footprint of an average house by 125 metric tons over its lifetime and driving carbon sequestration with new bamboo plantations.

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The Prime Wall is quieter than a conventional wall. With a Sound Transmission Class rating of 52, our untreated wall reduces outside acoustic noise to levels that can’t be reached with a conventionally framed wall, without expensive and difficult-to-install acoustic treatments.

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Thermally Superior

BamCore’s 2x6 equivalent Prime Wall exceeds the projected 2020 California Building Code thermal requirements without the use of any expensive continuous insulation on the exterior of the building. In addition, the panelized Prime Wall system eliminates about 90% of wood studs, headers, and posts to reduce thermal bridging and air leakage, which saves operating dollars year after year.

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BamCore’s bamboo-based hollow Prime Wall System delivers a water vapor transmission rate that matches a range commonly found in house wraps. Recent independent tests document that the bamboo-based panel component of BamCore’s Prime Wall System offers a Water Vapor Transmission or permanence rate that is eight times greater than conventional wood products like OSB and plywood.

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BamCore Prime Wall achieved a flame spread rating of 40 which is 2 to 4 times better than other framing materials.
Fire safety in the residential buildings codes focuses on two product characteristics:
1. How fast do flames spread along a product (Flame Spread)
2. How long does a building remain safely standing during a prolonged fire (Fire Resistance)

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